My Online Presence

To be honest, I wasn’t too surprised with the amount of hits a simple google search of my name revealed, given the amount of time spent online these days.  Within a matter of seconds multiple links were listed with my name associated with it – all of which are professional (thank god for FaceBook privacy settings! 😉 ) – I did however, feel slightly uncomfortable with the amount of pictures google images had of my friends under my name.

I often find myself surprised with what people share on social media, some people decide to share the bare minimum and use social media to simply be nosey – others post their entire life – which reminds me of a time I was in conversation with a family member who was lecturing me on the importance of keeping a low profile on social media and how social media impacts your professional career, thus the reason for his fairly empty facebook page…only to see a few weeks later he was posting regular updates of his wife’s labor experience (face-palm moment). Social media can however, be a fun place to connect with friends and family and to share memories…but I do feel it is important to keep personal social media and professional social media separate…

I think it is imperative that an online professional presence is maintained – whilst this may not seem as important right now, social media and the internet can be a vital tool for prospective employers to really get to know you…let’s be honest! It’s ok to have a drink or 2 or 3, but I highly doubt drunken pictures and videos will go down well with prospective employers. When using social media to aid my research career, I ensure to create regular polls on Twitter to spur on conversations, at times I am also guilty of sharing somewhat controversial topics related to my area of interest to see the views and opinions of others. I also feel as though social media is a great place to promote my research to both the industry but to those who really will benefit from it i.e. individual experiencing infertility. I do hope my online presence will hopefully impress prospective employers one day in the near future!


Thing 1

So, this task requires me to comment on my experiences with social media to date and I have to say, so far my experiences on social media have been somewhat pleasant – with the exception of a few horrendous tagged photos on Facebook (but lets save that story for another day)…

I remember the first time I discovered social media way back in high school and I remember it practically consuming my friends and I. Social media platforms like Hi5, My Space and Facebook (to name a few) governed a lot of our afternoons and free time. Time spent online of course increased as these addictive social media platforms became accessible through mobile phones! Nowadays, it seems as though a lot of us can’t seem to go even a morning without checking our Facebook page, twitter or snapchat! (Yes, I am guilty of checking all three platforms)!

Whilst these platforms are a away of connecting us to family and friends we may not see on a daily basis, it can also be used to help researchers in so many ways including helping to recruit participants for prospective studies and disseminating research. The 23 things for research programme was developed to help develop our online presence as researchers. Upon completing this program, I hope to have gained more knowledge into social media platforms that at novel to me, in addition build and develop on the platforms that are familiar.